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Advisor Financing For Partial Sales and Succession Planning

Mike Langford
Oct 19, 2022


It seems like every day there is a new story in the wealth management industry press about acquisitions. Whether it be a large firm being acquired by an even bigger firm or a story highlighting M&A trends. But, one thing that often goes overlooked according to my guests Samantha Angell (Sam) and Greg Prokott, Managing Partners at Advisor Financing is most advisors never sell their business. 

What is increasingly more common however, is a partial sale that leads to succession. In this episode, Sam and Greg offer a detailed roadmap for securing financing to facilitate M&A deals and internal success plans.


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Resources Related to this Episode:
Below is a list of resources mentioned in this episode or related to the topics we discussed: 

  • Book: "Succession Planning for Financial Advisors" - Greg Prokott referenced this book by David Grau Sr. when making a point about the market for financial advisory businesses being "a seller's market controlled by buyers." See the 40 minute mark in the podcast or video.
  • How To Ensure Your Wealth Management Firm is "Sale Ready" - Selling a portion or all of your financial advisory business requires some prep work. Sam and Greg talked a bit about preparing for financing and fit, but there are other elements to consider as well. This episode covers a plan to ensure your business is ready for sale. 
  • Truelytics Solutions Partner Directory - Find other partners like Advisor Financing via the Truelytics Solutions Partner Directory. If would like to explore having your firm become a solutions partner, click here.  
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