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Truelytics Selected to RevTech Lab's National Fintech, Insurtech Accelerator

Jeremi Karnell
Sep 13, 2021

Truelytics has been selected to take part in the nationally recognized fintech and insurtech accelerator program, RevTech Labs for their Fall Cohort. They are joined by seven other startups from around the world.

The eight startups making up the class represent a range of solutions across both the financial and insurance industries. The RevTech Labs team connected with close to 4,000 companies from around the world, narrowing the numbers down to 61 through an internal screening process and selecting only eight final companies after hosting a Selection Week with program partners and sponsors. 

For the fall, RevTech Labs is offering a hybrid program to provide both value and flexibility to startup Founders. “All our advisory board, task force meetings and curriculum sessions will continue to be hosted virtually through Zoom,” says Jasmine Boyce, RevTech Labs Program Manager. “We intend on facilitating an in-person roadshow to New York for Fintech Week and other in-person opportunities to engage our Founders. With the recent spike in COVID, we will continue to monitor the CDC guidelines in order to make the safest and most strategic decision for our upcoming cohort.”

"Truelytics is honored to be selected to take part in RevTec Lab's Fall FinTech Accelerator," said Jeremi Karnell, CEO and Co-Founder of Truelytics. "We look forward to engaging with the program's vast network of investors and subject matter experts to assist us both with our current capital raise efforts and market expansion into the insurance industry."

RevTech Labs, Class 15, Fintech + Insurtech 


Truelytics (Austin, TX) - Truelytics is the first end-to-end data-driven system to help wealth management and insurance enterprises attract, grow, and retain advisory businesses while also reducing the costs related to transitions.

Cambio (Chicago, IL) - Cambio aims to help the 12 million underserved and credit invisible Americans who have no access to quality credit or a bank account.

Dandelion Networks (Toronto, ON) - Dandelion is building the protocol for a new transaction network model.

Freeman Capital (Charlotte, NC) - Freeman Capital is a modern investment company that offers easy to manage, low cost, online investment solutions for everyday people.

Hire & Fire Your Kids (Toronto, ON) - Hire and Fire Your Kids is a mobile and web based application that helps parents reduce family friction and prepares their kids with household responsibilities, money management and life skills for a successful future.

Home Traq (St. Louis, MO) - HomeTraq is a three sided marketplace between homebuyers, real estate buyers agents, and banks.

SolidBlock (Jerusalem, Israel) - Solidblock is transforming property into a tradeable financial product.

Tap2Pay (Bialystok, Poland) - Tap2Pay is the platform for accepting online payments in all channels: merchant's website, social media, messengers.

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