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5 Wine Clubs That Will Keep You Top of Mind With Clients

Jeremi Karnell
Mar 10, 2017

Whether you own a small boutique wealth management practice or a large financial advisory firm, your clients are the keys to your success. If you keep your existing clients happy, they will continue to invest with your firm, increasing their assets under management over time and helping you grow more organically.

Perhaps even more importantly, those happy clients will be more likely to refer their friends and family members to your practice, boosting your AUM even more and aiding in the long-term growth, and profitability, of your practice.

As the practice owner, keeping your best clients happy is perhaps your most important job, and it is not always an easy one. Your wealthy clients have discriminating tastes. They appreciate the finer things in life. That means you spend at least a fair amount of time thinking about and searching for just the right gifts* for them.

If the gifts you choose are sophisticated and elegant, they will be a memorable reflection of your clients and your appreciation, as well as your firm. They will serve as a poignant reminder of your practice every time your clients use or recall them.

Choosing a wine of the month club, for example, will help you accomplish both goals at once. Every time that carefully wrapped package arrives at their home or office, your client will think of you and appreciate your thoughtfulness, generosity and good taste.

Signing up your best clients for a great wine of the month club is the perfect way to thank them for their business and their loyalty, but not all clubs are created equal. The last thing you want to do is offend your best clients with cheap or subpar wine, so you need to weigh your options carefully and choose a wine of the month club with care. Here are some of the best wine of the month clubs for client gifting.

The Wine of the Month Club

The Wine of the Month Club is the original, and still one of the best, of the monthly wine services. Founded in 1972, the club delivers top quality wines through the mail, giving your valuable clients something to look forward to every month.

While the club is renowned for its top wine selections, it is the packaging that especially sets its service apart from competitors. Bottles are impeccably packaged in beautiful linen burgundy boxes with a personalized card from your firm.

The California Wine Club

California is home to some of the best vineyards on the planet. So, it is only fitting that one of the largest and best wine clubs calls the state home. The California Wine Club got its start in 1990, and ever since has been providing top quality vintages to corporate clients and individuals.

Exclusivity is one of the club's selling points, which your clients are sure to appreciate. The wines that are included in each monthly shipment are produced in very limited quantities, so limited that the only way to get many of them is through the monthly subscription service. If you have clients who are true wine aficionados, the California Wine Club is a great choice for corporate gifting.

Gold Medal Wine Club

The Gold Medal Wine Club is another excellent subscription gifting service for the discerning wine giver and lover. If you are looking for a great club for your best clients, this club is well worth your consideration.

They will receive two bottles of wine every month, and not just any wine. The club is known for its selective taste and high-quality vintages, so your clients can look forward to hard-to-find boutique wines that are in high demand. If your clients appreciate the finer things in life, they are sure to love the selections from this club.

Plonk Wine Club

Plonk Wine Club has long been a popular choice for corporate giving, and many financial practice owners already use its services. Featured in Forbes Magazine's guide to corporate wine clubs, this club is one of the best around.

The club has also been prominently featured in Food & Wine magazine, Wine & Spirits magazine and other periodicals devoted to gourmet food and the finest vintages. You can choose from a number of monthly giving plans, including two-bottle, four-bottle and case options.

Winc Wine Club

Founded in 2012 as Club W, then rebranded as Winc to reflect its philosophy behind creating a transparent platform for artisanal winemaking and building a sustainable grape-to-glass supply chain. So, besides offering impeccable wines, there is a message here for certain clients that is bound to make the notable impression.

If you are looking for a personalized approach to client gifting, Club W is the obvious choice. Club W, now known as WINC is the premier personalized wine club for corporate and client gifting. This unique wine of the month club gives subscribers the ability to choose their own gifts, guaranteeing satisfaction and reflecting well on you and your firm.

Winc is one of the best reviewed and most popular club choices for client gifting. Each month, the club makes personalized wine suggestions based on the subscriber's (or recipient's) tastes and preferences. That gives your clients a chance to experiment with different wines or stick to the tried and true ones they like best.

As a practice owner, client retention is a paramount consideration of your business life, one that demands as much care and creativity as you can muster. Your clients are the key to your success and thanking them in special ways just makes good business sense. Signing them up for a great wine club is a great way to keep them thinking of you. 

*Remember to document each gift in a "non-cash compensation" log.

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