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Helping Advisors Thrive At Work, At Home, and In Their Community

Mike Langford
Feb 23, 2022

This is a very special episode of The Modern Financial Advisor Podcast.  First, I finally got to meet Kyle Simpson, Head of Field Strategy at FS Investments in person. As you'll hear, we've known each other for years but have only ever talked via Zoom. Second, this is the first episode of the show we have recorded with everyone in the same room. And lastly, the topics we cover have the potential to have a major impact on the business and personal lives of advisors.

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Kyle was in Austin for an event hosted by a client firm and as part of his kickoff of the FS Thrive program. Truelytics is a proud partner in FS Thrive and we jumped at the chance to have Kyle join us for a podcast episode to explore the program. And of course, we covered a lot of other topics as well.

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Resources Related to this Episode:
Below is a list of resources mentioned in this episode or related to the topics we discussed: 

  • Truelytics Peer Benchmarks - As Jeremi Karnell mentions during our conversation with Kyle, understanding how your advisory business compares to others of similar size offers some incredibly valuable insights. 
  • How Financial Advisors Can Grow Their Business To Over $1 Billion In AUM In 10 Years - The mission of the FS Thrive program is to help advisors "Thrive At Work, At Home, and In Their Community" and as luck would have it one of our recent episodes featured Gil Baumgarten who is thriving in all three of these areas. 
  • Learning to Navigate Life's Transitions - The role of a financial advisor in a client's life is changing from "a guy or gal who manages money" to a trusted life coach. 
  • Howard Lindzon's "Panic With Friends" Podcast - While the Zoom meetings have been a necessity throughout the pandemic, the desire and need for in-person engagement hasn't diminished in value. In this episode, my friend Howard describes the over-casualization of pitches from startup founders who may be missing out because of their failure to understand the power of an in-person meeting.
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