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Essential Blockchain Tools Financial Advisors Should Be Using in 2018

Kevin Gulley
Dec 18, 2017

If you do only one thing to improve your understanding of new technology in 2018, acquainting yourself with blockchain technology just might be your best bet. Blockchain technology will change everything from the way businesses market themselves in the future to how companies create and sign business contracts. Understanding the fundamentals of blockchain is no longer optional for wealth managers, especially since Bitcoin futures started trading within both CME Group Inc. and Cboe Global Markets Inc. venus this past week. The more diverse your blockchain knowledge, the better your chances are of building a thriving business while others sit on the sidelines wondering what happened to their practice. If you want to increase your knowledge of blockchain technology, consider adding the following three tools to your blockchain resource list.


Cryptostack is a must-discover tool for Advisors who want to immerse themselves in the world of blockchain technology. Discover everything from cryptocurrency converters to cryptocurrency courses and blockchain exploration. You can learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency bots, and even how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Whether you are hunting for blockchain YouTube videos or the latest blockchain podcasts, you can find what you seek via Cryptostack.

Blockchain Curated

Blockchain Curated offers some of the best blog posts on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in audible format. Listen to the thoughts of cryptocurrency leaders like Chris Dixon, Balaji Srinivasan, and Nick Tomaino on topics ranging from crypto-economics to investing in blockchain. Get in the habit of listening to and reading the works of industry leaders and, you'll be amazed at how quickly your knowledge of blockchain technology and innovations improves.

Crypto Study

Crypto Study is another awesome resource for business builders who want to know more about blockchain and how it is impacting the future of business. Crypto Study offers the latest content on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in an easy-to-discover format. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can post links to the latest articles and blog posts on all things related to cryptocurrencies, and then the community votes on their contributions. See which content the community has rated the highest, making it easy to determine which content to read and which to take a pass on.

These are just three of many resources owners of wealth management firms can utilize to improve their knowledge of all things blockchain. Build a resource list full of helpful tools like these and, you'll soon be the one others in your network turn to for blockchain information. The sooner you become proficient in understanding blockchain technology, the faster you can apply it to the future of your business. Blockchain will disrupt many industries; understanding blockchain before others in your sector just might make all the difference in whether your company lives or dies.

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