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Exploring The Zen of Business Acquisitions

Mike Langford
Dec 8, 2020

At some point in time, almost every financial advisor or wealth management firm will be involved in a business acquisition process.  Whether the advisor or firm is looking to grow their business through acquisition, selling their business for a liquidity event, or buying a book of business as part of another advisor's succession plan... the process will happen eventually. 

The acquisition process often causes a fair amount of anxiety however because most advisors have little to no experience with M&A activity and we are dealing with a relationship-based business where advisors have invested decades of their lives looking after their clients. 

In this episode of The Modern Financial Advisor Podcast, my guest Tom Hine, author of The Zen of Business Acquisitions is going to help alleviate your anxiety and give you the confidence to pursue the deals that will transform your business. 

As I mentioned in the preview video above, you can watch the entire episode of the podcast on YouTube as well. The video is embedded below for your convenience. Make sure you subscribe to the Truelytics YouTube channel!

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Resources Related to this Episode:
Below are a few links and resources that Tom and I mentioned during the podcast: 

  • TrueMatch - If you are considering buying or selling a financial practice or looking to find the right partner for your succession planning goals, be sure to check out TrueMatch. The private online matchmaking platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern financial advisors. 
  • TrueContinuity - Having an emergency continuity plan isn't just a good idea from a business security perspective. It can also be a great tool for client acquisition and retention. 
  • Considering the Strategic Value in a Wealth Management Business Acquisition - Acquiring another financial advisor's business can bring a lot more value than the AUM and revenue it produces to your firm. There are often many other strategic value propositions available as well.
  • Leadership During Our New "Work From Home" Reality - Tammy Robbins shared some valuable insights into how COVID-19 has created new opportunities for business acquisitions.

    If you have any questions, comments, or even ideas for new episodes, feel free to reach out. If you like what you hear, make sure to subscribe to one of our channels listed above.

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