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Platform, Evolved

Eli Gassert
Mar 1, 2022
February development efforts are more technical and behind-the-scenes. So if you're not interested in knowing the technical details of what we're doing, you can skip this update. For everyone else still reading this sentence, let's go!

The Great Decoupling!

The easiest way to describe the changes we made in February is by calling it a data decoupling. Let me explain.

Prior to these changes, our data was strictly one-to-one. An Enterprise (i.e. customer) had Users. Users each had one Enterprise association. Firms had one User. Users had one Firm.

All of these "one" relationships were fine in the beginning; but as we grew, and as we evolved (see how I worked the blog title in there?) our idea of the Truelytics platform, those restrictions became more problematic.

What if my BD and my Custodian both had enterprise accounts and offered different Truelytics experiences, but both tried to use my email address to sign me up? Whichever signed me up first would "win" the "one" relationship; the other would have to use a secondary email, which means I would have to maintain two logins to Truelytics! What if I had two firms? There's another login to remember!

There are many other situations like the one above. So we decided to do something about it, by breaking the chains! Internally, we restructured things to be more fluid. A user account can have multiple different contexts to using the app. A firm admin in one enterprise; an enterprise user in another; a continuity partner; an external recruiter; a solutions partner. All of these contexts have different app experiences, but can all be managed with a single login.

But is this really important?

I mean... we wouldn't have done it if it weren't important, right!? While the above examples might seem trivial, the underlying implications for the future of our platform are very notable. With our centralized user accounts firmly in the center of our platform, our users will have more control over their data and their relationships to multiple enterprises. As we expand our platform and allow enterprises, solution partners, and other third-parties to build apps on our platform, this will become increasingly important to ensure the best user experience for all types of users on our platform.

Exciting times!


As always, if there’s something that you’d like to see, please feel free to reach out and let us know.


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