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Eli Gassert On Rapid Technology Solution Development for Wealth Management Firms

Mike Langford
Apr 21, 2020

Earlier this year, Truelytics welcomed Eli Gassert as the company's Chief Technology Officer. In his first few months on the job Eli has dramatically accelerated product development and deployment to the nearly 8,000 wealth management firms that rely on Truelytics to ensure their businesses are operating at an optimal level for today's competitive environment and prepared future succession, M&A, and/or emergency continuity.


Eli and I covered a lot of ground in this episode of the Modern Financial Advisor podcast, but the common theme is the importance of approaching technology solutions with an eye on the problem that needs to be addressed without allowing the weight of the previous investment of time or money constrain one's thinking. Too often, the sunk cost of the efforts of days gone bye complicate efforts and delay the implementation of new technology solutions.

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