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Truelytics Wins Grand Prize at The Detroit Blockchain & FinTech Pitchfest 2019

Jeremi Karnell
Mar 21, 2019


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Honestly, it was a last minute decision to throw our hat into the ring. After work a couple of Fridays ago I sat down at my laptop and opened LinkedIn. It was there that I saw something in my feed regarding the 2019 Blockchain & FinTech Pitchfest in Detroit. Given that Truelytics is a fintech platform and that we just completed pulling together our vision of how to apply Blockchain to our software via work we did with MIT last October, I said to myself "what the hell.... let's apply."

As the application deadline was only 7 hours away and the actual event was a mere six days away, I did not have any real expectation that anything would come of it. Boy was I wrong. Twenty-four hours after I hit submit, I received a phone call saying that we were selected. Fast forward to the evening of February 28th, I, along with 11 other fantastic individuals representing a plethora of startups and products, spent that evening presenting to twelve prestigious judges and over two hundred attendees.

The inaugural conference, of what will become an annual staple, was presented by the Detroit Blockchain Center and powered Detroit Fintech Bay in partnership with Fintech consortium. Their goal is to help bolster the growing blockchain and fintech communities that have begun in the Midwest and to give them the opportunity to interact and learn from existing companies and professionals from around the globe. The judges and sponsors, a combination of executives, professors, and fintech powerhouses, such as Envestnet Yodlee, came out in full force to support and be a part of this event.

When you go into any competition, even a friendly one with such strong participants, you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. With such a quick turnaround time I wasn’t sure on our standing. At the end of the evening, Truelytics was awarded the Grand Prize by Envestnet Yodlee, a prize the whole team of Truelytics helped earn and gets to enjoy.

Holly Weckler, judge and Sponsor from Envestnet Yodlee, said:

Truelytics gave a stellar presentation and had top scores for execution, creativity, solving customer pain points, impact on the market, and scalability.

This was an event I am glad we were able to participate in, gaining the opportunity to meet and make connections with so many individuals, and made me excited for the future of fintech. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

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