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Why Some RIA Firm Purchases Fail and Others Flourish

Mike Langford
May 28, 2021

Buying an RIA firm or the book of business of an independent financial advisor is a big step. You have likely invested a lot of time searching for the right match and you are about to make a major financial and resource investment as well. Given the stakes involved for you, your clients, and your team what should you do to ensure the deal is a success?

To help answer that question, the Elevate CPA Group gents returned for another episode of the Modern Financial Advisor Podcast. Together Brian Nuttall, Joe DeMarco, and Rick Wilkens have helped many, many RIAs and advisory firms navigate the acquisitions process. If you're considering buying another business, this is the episode for you. 

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Company Update: As I mentioned in the video above, there's some new marketing copy on the Truelytics home page that I found really insightful. The notion of "Transforming the Way The Wealth Management Industry Discovers Opportunity" really helps to crystalize what it is we are doing together.  

As always, you can watch the entire episode of the podcast on YouTube as well. The video is embedded below for your convenience. Make sure you subscribe to the Truelytics YouTube channel!

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Resources Related to this Episode:
Below are a few additional links and resources for you as you work toward acquiring another RIA firm or independent financial advisor's book of business: 

  • How to Leverage a CPA Firm to Grow Your RIA Business - In their first appearance on the Modern Financial Advisor Podcast, the Elevate CPA Group team shared some actionable advice for strengthening your business so that it is ready for a business acquisition.

  • Are You a Qualified Buyer? - We often hear that there are 50 - 80 buyers to every potential seller in our space. However, as we drill down... we see that very few would-be buyers are actually qualified buyers. Carla McCabe walks you through what it takes to ensure you present yourself and your business as the best-qualified buyer to your ideal acquisition target.

If you have any questions, comments, or even ideas for new episodes, feel free to reach out. If you like what you hear, make sure to subscribe to one of our channels listed above

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