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10 Digital Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors

Jeremi Karnell
Feb 12, 2018

Client acquisition is an essential component of building a successful wealth management firm. Building a robust sales funnel is crucial for long-term growth. Financial advisors who learn how to use digital marketing for agency development will be far ahead of competitors who don't understand the importance of digital outreach. If you want to accelerate growth for your financial services firm, consider incorporating the following ten tips into your client acquisition strategy this year.

Podcast Guest

Offering your services as a podcast guest is a tremendous way to use digital marketing to grow your financial advisory firm. Register on a site like PodcastGuests.com to offer your services as a financial expert or search Google and Twitter for terms like "podcast guest wanted" + "wealth management". You can also search for popular wealth management podcasts on a site like Player.fm and connect with the hosts to offer your services (player.fm/podcasts/Wealth-Management). You'll be surprised at the podcast opportunities you can uncover simply by putting a little investigative sleuthing to work for your financial services agency.

Quora Marketing

Post answers to investment-related topics to Quora and you can increase the effectiveness of your search engine optimization strategy while attracting new clients at the same time. Review questions on quora.com/topic/Wealth-Management or quora.com/topic/Investing to uncover thousands of engagement opportunities. Continue to offer knowledgeable advice on Quora and you'll soon become known as a Quora thought leader. Helpful posts on Quora are sometimes syndicated to news organizations, so you never know how far your knowledgeable posts will travel.


Hosting seminars in your local community is an excellent way to fill your sales funnel while providing valuable information at the same time. Offer seminars on how local government expenditures might influence an individual's finances, e.g. new firehouse building impacting tax rates. When you host seminars that tie into local community events, you not only build your reputation as a financial services firm interested in the development of your city/town, you increase awareness of the availability of your services. Spotlight news about your seminars on all your digital networking platforms to increase attendance.

Elder Care Seminar Offering Financial Tips

Speaking of seminars, offering financial tips for the elderly and their caregivers is an exceptional way to grow your agency. Family members often worry about the financial well-being of their aging parents or worry their elderly loved ones might fall for fraudulent scams. Host a seminar spotlighting the latest fraudulent scams or warning signs an elderly loved one needs assistance with their finances. Share your upcoming seminar on social media and write a post-event summary on your agency's blog.

Forum Marketing

Forum marketing on sites like Reddit is a digital marketing opportunity many financial advisors overlook. Offer helpful advice on sub-reddits like reddit.com/r/personalfinance to showcase your expertise to forum posters. Reddit users don't take kindly to companies that spam, so be sure to offer informative posts without promoting your business in the process. Reddit users who find your forum posts helpful will naturally check out the links to your agency in your Reddit profile.

Investing Tips Newsletter

Offering an investing tips newsletter is a terrific way to increase your email subscriber list while providing valuable content at the same time. Email tips on newly launched investment funds or on retirement investing tips for millennials. Provide helpful and interesting content to ensure your subscriber rates stay strong and your brand building efforts succeed.

Investing Trend Spotlight Blog Posts

Blogging about investing trends is another great way to use digital marketing to grow your wealth management firm. Interest in cryptocurrency investing and blockchain technology is hot right now. Write blog posts about the latest ICOs (initial coin offering) to launch or warning signs investors should look for when considering investing in a token sale. The more attention you pay to trends in the financial services sector, the better your content will be and the more potential clients you can attract to your wealth management firm.

Sponsor Networking Event for Target Customers

Sponsoring a networking event for your target customers is another splendid way to attract new clients to your financial advisor services. Want more parents to use your services? Consider sponsoring a local networking event for "mompreneurs." Female entrepreneurs who are combining raising children with building a successful business will be thrilled to have a wealth management firm sponsor a networking event to help them connect with each other. Or you could sponsor a networking event at your local golf course to attract wealthy retirees to your agency. Be creative in the events you sponsor at watch your client list explode.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is a phenomenal digital marketing opportunity for financial services professionals. Create explanatory videos simplifying wealth management terms that often confuse those new to financial management. Help your target audience to understand terms and you'll not only increase your SEO (Google loves to showcase YouTube videos at the top of search engine results), but you'll increase your opportunities to build a reputation as a knowledgeable financial management agency.

Infographic Marketing

Infographic marketing is another creative way for wealth management professionals to build their business via digital marketing. Use a free infographic creation tool like Canva.com to make informative infographics to share on social media or post on your firm's blog. Post your infographic to curation sites like Visual.ly to distribute your visual marketing even further. If you offer an embed code for your infographic, others can embed your creation in their blog posts or articles too.

As the above-listed tips clearly demonstrate, there are numerous ways for financial advisors to grow their firms via digital marketing. Be creative in your approach to client acquisition and your agency can grow exponentially.

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