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How To Host A Successful Online Event As A Financial Advisor

Mike Langford
Feb 14, 2022


A couple of weeks ago an invitation for an online event called RIA Labs landed in my inbox. The event is the first in a series hosted by  InvestmentNews and the topic of helping RIAs "future-proof" their tech stack caught my eye.

So, I reached out to Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist at InvestmentNews and Co-Chair of the event to see if he would be willing to come on the show as a guest. Jeff replied and suggested that I have Chuck Failla, CEO of Sovereign Financial Group (RIA Labs' other Co-Chair) on instead as Chuck would be able to speak much more in-depth about tech.

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Well, as you'll hear in this episode of The Modern Financial Advisor Podcast, Chuck brought a lot more to the table than just tech stack talk. In fact, what I found truly fascinating was how he got his start hosting and producing online events for the wealth management community. A few years ago, Chuck had never hosted an online event. Now? He's helping to run some of the highest impact events for financial advisors with top-tier speakers. 

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