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5 Critical Localization Growth Tips Financial Advisory Firms Should Know

Jeremi Karnell
Jun 15, 2018

According to data from the 2018 Voice Search for Local Business study, 58% of survey respondents indicated they had searched for local businesses using voice search on their phones or voice-enabled digital assistants. Voice search is just one of many trends impacting the future of local business marketing. Financial advisory firms who understand how to connect with their local communities are much better prepared than their competitors who think customers will magically find their way to their doors. Following are five localization growth tips you ought to know.

  1. Use the advanced search function on FollowerWonk's bio search to find Twitter users in your city. Add your city or town in the location box and instantly discover Twitter users in your vicinity. You can sort your search results by date, helping you uncover new Twitter users who might be eager to connect with local firms on social media. Once you discover FollowerWonk for finding local connections for your small business, you will want to kick yourself for not having discovered it sooner.
  3. Brand Mentions is another fabulous tool for financial advisory firms who want to grow their awareness with local customers. Type the name of your city/town into Brand Mention and discover everything from social media posts to forum posts mentioning your location. Sort results by date, find trending local hashtags and even see data on those who post most frequently about your location.
  5. Make sure location data is enabled on all your brand's social media profiles. Some social networking sites disable location data by default. When you make it easy for local consumers to connect with your firm on social media, your brand engagement rates and social media marketing ROI (return on investment) is likely to increase.
  7. It is imperative you go all-in on mobile optimization. Everything from your website to the images you share on your blog must be optimized for consumption by smartphone-enabled consumers. Work with an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist to help you understand the multiple components of a sound mobile optimization strategy. You will be amazed at how quickly your consumer connections increase when you adopt a mobile-first approach for your financial advisory firm.
  9. Speaking of SEO, one smart search engine optimization tip many advisors overlook is to increase the number of location-specific keywords in their blogging strategy. It is one thing to have your location listed on your website and quite another to focus your firm's blogging efforts on topics related to your local audience. Increase the number of blog posts on your site mentioning locations in your area, and you will increase the number of local visitors visiting your website. Make sure links to your social media profiles are readily available to site visitors can connect with you on social media. Ensure social sharing of your blog posts is easy so visitors to your website can share your content with local customers in their network.

Growing your local business isn't hard if you take a strategic approach to localization marketing. Understanding how to connect with local customers and making outreach a core component of your brand building strategy is a decent way to grow your awareness of you and your firm. 

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