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Attribution and App Notification Enhancements

Eli Gassert
Jul 1, 2021
June was a bit of a backend development month, meaning a lot of our updates were behind-the-scenes things that would bore most readers. Still, we were able to bring two new big features that we thought were worth sharing: enhancements to TruePerformance Attribution; and a brand new Notification system.

TruePerformance Attribution Enhancements

For a refresher, Attribution is our way to allow Enterprise customers to add their special sauce to our valuation models. Truelytics offers 200+ input and output fields based on the TruePerformance Intake forms and eValuation reports. Add to that the ability for Enterprises to customize the Intake process, and the number of variables is virtually limitless. However, if an Enterprise wanted to use those values to change the discount rates (increase or decrease) through Attribution, they were limited to a handful of pre-selected, popular fields.

This release expands the abilities of Attribution. Now, not only are the 200+ inputs available, but so are all Intake customizations for the Enterprise. This will give Enterprises full control over their Attribution program, enabling fine-tuning based on KPIs and characteristics unique to their objectives.

Notification System

A notification system is nothing new to web applications. We didn't do anything groundbreaking here. However, with the addition of our notification system, we've opened the doors to having more frequent and proactive interactions with our users. Behind the scenes, our notification system can be triggered by events in the app (e.g. new Deal Room in TrueMatch) or based on a timed event (e.g. new fiscal year start and time to submit your report) or, in the future, based on custom queries and requests from Enterprises to their advisors.

We have big plans for this feature in the future.


And as always, if there’s something that you’d like to see, please feel free to reach out and let us know.


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