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Blogging Tips for Financial Advisors - 10 Ways to Grow Your Client List

Jeremi Karnell
Oct 2, 2017

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of financial advisors is expected to soar by 30% by 2024. If you hope to build a successful business as a top wealth management professional, it is imperative you develop a long-term client acquisition and administration plan. One customer-acquisition tool among those with the highest ROI, and which you should be using, is business blogging. As part of a sound marketing strategy, blogging helps attract new clients to your list of financial services far into the future.

But how do you get started with blogging as a financial advisor and how do you continually generate blog post ideas that will perform well with clients? Developing an extensive list of blog post ideas can ensure new customers find your website educational while increasing the odds your posts will be shared on social media and attract search engine traffic. If you want help building a top-performing financial services blog, following are 10 types of blog posts that you should be creating.

Q&A Tutorials

Question-and-answer blog posts are an excellent way to grow your client list while improving your SEO at the same time. Create blog posts addressing the most frequently asked questions and offer deep-dive answers. This space isn't for just a basic overview; be thorough in your blog posts to highlight your knowledge and provide helpful information potential clients can use.

Highlight Local Issues

If you want to attract more local customers to your services, consider writing blog posts regarding local financial matters. Have your local tax rates suddenly increased? Are residents facing a financial hit to pay for a new community recreational facility? Think about what is happening in your area and tie in local events into smart financial planning advice. Not only will you be improving your local SEO, but you will also be highlighting the fact that you are community-minded.

Social Media Answers

Pay attention to the conversations potential clients are having on social media related to financial matters. Use Twitter's advanced search to hunt for topics relevant to your target market. You can also use tools like SocialMention.com to find frequently discussed subjects among your target audience. If they're chatting about it on social media, there's a mighty good chance they'll be interested in the topic in blog post format. Make sure you include informative blog images to encourage extra social shares of your blog post.


Infographics are an excellent way to offer fresh blog content without having to write a full blog post from scratch. Check sites like Visual.ly or SlideShare for infographics with embed codes that your audience will find helpful. Embed the infographic on your website/blog, and then offer your commentary related to your newly embedded graphic. You'll still be sharing information your customers can use, but you won't have to start writing from scratch to create a new blog post.

Market Research

Pay attention to the latest market research in your sector and create new blog posts based upon recently released reports and statistics. Clients are better able to understand financial sector jargon when a friendly financial services advisor breaks down the information into easy-to-understand snippets. Not only will you be helping potential clients understand recently released financial sector news, but you will also be improving your status as a thought leader by sharing fresh research other advisors might have missed.

Risk Assessment

Posts about risk assessment usually do well on financial services blogs. If you can help potential clients better understand the financial risks of a variety of investments, they are more likely to trust you with managing their portfolios. Creating detailed blogs posts on the pros and cons of a range of financial services products shows that you know your industry well and that you aren't afraid to point out the pitfalls of some products. Blogging as a financial advisor is all about building trust. The more truthful you are in your blog posts, the likelier it is client list will grow.

Budget Tips

Budgeting is part of successful financial management. Tips to help your customers better manage their monthly/annual income and expenditures are sure to earn you some goodwill and attract search engine crawlers to your blog at the same time. Budget-related blog posts can include everything from seasonal budgeting tips for Christmas spending to how to budget wisely enough to purchase retirement savings bonds. Don't be afraid to share basic budget tips you think most people already know; not everyone learned smart financial planning or knows how to manage their earnings.

Retirement Planning

Regardless of the age of your client base, retirement-planning posts will usually perform well as lead magnets. Wealth managers and financial advisors who are knowledgeable in retirement planning can attract anyone from millennials to baby boomers. Create detailed blog posts on topics like early retirement planning or retirement fund recovery after a financial loss. The more information you can offer to help clients make smart retirement decisions, the likelier it is they will refer their friends to your services.

Unorthodox/Unusual Investing

Creating blog posts on unorthodox investing topics is an excellent way to attract attention to your financial services blog. Write on topics like Bitcoin investing, Ethereum investing, solar investing, or even startup investing. While most financial advisors are blogging about mutual funds and stock markets, you can be creating content on topics today's up-and-coming investors will want to read. Don't be afraid to track investment trends in angel investing and venture capital. The trends you witness in volatile areas like VC and angel funding will often transfer over to mom-and-pop investing too.

International Investment Trends

Blogging about international investment trends is another excellent way to attract eyeballs to your blog. Create blog posts on topics like emerging market equities, Brexit's impact on investing, or how volatility in North Korea is influencing the financial stability of investment decisions in the region. By paying attention to current news from around the world, you can find a cornucopia of ideas to incorporate into your blogging strategy.

These are just 10 of many ways you can attract new clients to your financial services business via blogging. Develop a consistent blogging schedule, write on high-value topics your audience will enjoy or share, and market your blog posts on as many social media networks as possible. Share your posts on social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Build a presence on sites like Reddit and LinkedIn. Make sure your blog's URL is prominently displayed in your email signature and on your business cards. With an ever-increasing number of individuals entering the financial service sector as a career choice, building an extensive client list is going to mean the survival of the fittest. Creating quality content on a highly respected blog will help you stand out from competitors and attract new clients for years to come.

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