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It was announced this week that Truelytics was named as one of the semi-finalists under future communications in the inaugural program launched by ScratchWorks. ScratchWorks is a financial technological accelerator that connects innovative companies with investment and wealth management leaders.

Over 50 companies participated, with the top 3 earning the opportunity to make an in-person pitch to five investors, representing five different wealth management and investment firms. The competition topped off at Barron’s Top Independent Advisor’s Summit in Orlando, FL last week.

ScratchWork reviewed all submissions with a team from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business and their investors, including Richard M. Burridge Jr., CEO and CIO of RMB Capital, Jon Jones, CEO of Brighton Jones and John D. Eadie, Founder and Managing Director of Covenant.

Truelytics submission was noted for its’ depth, creativity and business model. The company’s name and logo can be found on ScratchWorks website, along with the other outstanding semi-finalists at http://scratch.works/.

We are honored to be recognized in this competition, and to have made it as a semi-finalist!

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