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Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Custom Portfolios That Are As Easy As Model Portfolios

Mike Langford
Jul 17, 2020

There has been a bit of a tug of war in recent years between advisors who favor the use of model portfolios for their efficiency and low cost and those who favor custom portfolios for their ability to deliver on the specific needs, preferences, and goals of individual clients. But what if you could have the ease of a model portfolio with the specificity of a custom portfolio?

My guests on this episode of the Modern Financial Advisor Podcast are Runik Mehrotra and Samir Vasavada, the founders of Vise.  By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning Vise allows an advisor to create custom portfolios that take into account a whole host of data points that often times would go overlooked by a model portfolio approach or be too labor intensive for a manually created custom portfolio.

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