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How RIAs Can Make Big Gains By Thinking Small

Mike Langford
Jul 30, 2020

When you look at the goals for most RIA firms and individual advisors, you will likely see a desire to increase AUM, grow the client roster, recruit new advisors, or some other high-level accomplishment that would represent moving the needle in a significantly positive way. According to Shauna Mace, my guest on this week's Modern Financial Advisor Podcast, those goals are great but... you should think a little smaller first.

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Shauna's expertise is in helping RIAs and advisors create systems that make accomplishing those big goals much more predictable. 

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Business growth is a goal that we all have in one form or another. Below are a few podcast episodes and articles from the Truelytics vault to help you in your pursuit: 

  • How Financial Advisors Can Become Their Own Wealthiest Client - It seems logical that financial advisors should be focused on generating wealth for themselves as well as their clients. Yet, according to Dan Cuprill many advisors focus too much attention on top-line growth and not enough on growing the profit of the business and by extension... their own wealth as owners.
  • Growing Your Business by Simplifying It - Brian Margolis of Productivity Giant, shares Shauna's passion for breaking things down to simple, manageable concepts. His focus however is at the individual level. 
  • Key Performance Indicators: Actionable Advice - Sometimes it is hard to know where to focus. Carla McCabe shares how you can use TruePerformance to see which KPIs are providing you with the "take action here" signals. 

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