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Free Peer Benchmark Analyzer

New Enterprise Benchmarks Reports

Eli Gassert
Aug 1, 2021

In July, Truelytics saw the kickoff of a multi-month, all-hands-on-deck effort to introduce our first expansion of our platform into new industries. No longer will we only be able to serve the Wealth Management industry. We're digging in and expanding our TruePerformance to allow an eValuation report for hybrid and Insurance-only firms.

Oh and did I mention two incredible new Enterprise Peer Benchmark Reports? Yea... they're in here, too, and they're definitely worth checking out.

Welcome Aboard, Insurance (... well, soon)

Truelytics has recently been accepted into a few InsurTech accelerators. Thanks to their support and validation, we feel confident that we can update our TruePerformance product to be meaningful for financial firms selling Insurance products.

We spent a lot of time in July planning things out. Things we have to consider:

  • Make sure advisory-only firm valuations remain correct
  • Make sure insurance-only firms can be valuated in the absence of advisory data (e.g. AUM)
  • Make sure dually registered and hybrid firms produce a meaningful valuation
  • Customize output reports to exclude data points and features not relevant for the type of firm we are evaluating.

These are serious questions and we plan to make sure we can address all these concerns before we move forward with any major development efforts.

So to that end, I sadly don't have anything visual to share with you just yet. It's early days; but to say we're excited about this update would be an understatement!

Enterprise Peer Benchmarks - Unrealized Value

While generating a report for some of our enterprise clients to show their Unrealized Value (i.e. value in our eValuations that could be added by increasing scores across our scorecard KPIs), we saw -- and ceased! -- an opportunity to build a report in the app that would show this data to our Enterprise customers and let them slice and dice and drill into their data.

This report is a part of our initiative to add more value at the Enterprise level. As we roll out the first version of this report, we're hoping to gain feedback from the Practice Management departments of our current Enterprise customers.

Top-Level Report

KPI Report
Firm Report

Enterprise Peer Benchmarks - Segmentation

Ever wanted to know how your Peer Benchmarks are broken out by segments? Of course you did! And lucky you, our latest report has just what you need.

We've taken all the goodness of our Peer Benchmarks report and offer up ways to slice and dice the data to get an even better understanding of your Enterprise.


Segmented KPIs

Segmented Stability Scores


And as always, if there’s something that you’d like to see, please feel free to reach out and let us know.


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