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Truelytics 2.2

Jeremi Karnell
Sep 13, 2018

Nothing excites us more than to announce that we have re-introduced the Print Report feature within our app in Truelytics 2.2. That, coupled with almost a dozen other updates, makes this month's release something we could not wait to tell you about. 

Print Report Functionality

Instantly print out your entire eValuation with a single click of a button. That's right, we have brought Print Functionality back and it's better than ever.


Our new report format features 17 pages of key data and insights related to your latest Truelytics eValuation. Click here for a sample report. The new report format is broken up into 4 main sections. These include:

Report Summary 

The summary provides an overview of your valuation, scores, financial ratios, and components that comprise your discount factor. 

Truelytics-eValuation-Report-Example-2.27Business, Client, and Market Stability Scorecards

Business, Client, and Market Stability drive the long-term value of your business, as they reflect the viability of your firm and are an indication of the predictability of future cash flow.



A five-year forecast of your revenue, expenses, and earnings.


Valuation Models

Truelytics presents multiple valuation models under different scenarios. Our methodology of choice is the Discounted Cash Flow Model as this model best reflects future cash flow vs. past financial performance. We include alternative methodologies to reflect industry expectations.


Finally, we have embedded this new report format with value-added content to help the first-time reader with context and understanding. 


eValuation Survey Updates

We have made 8 updates to the survey section of our application. Notably:

Owner Card Update - Ownership Structure

Owner cards now have a "Ownership Structure" question to help indicate whether the owner is an individual or an institution. 

owner card - ownership structure


Process Section Reorganization

We re-organized the layout of the process section to include:

Organizational Processes 

Organizational Process 2.2

Technology Processes

Technology Process 2.2

Stay tuned as this section is scheduled for even more changes, including major updates to the technology process stack and an introduction of a new process category: Investment Process


A Formal Written Succession Plan?

We have added conditional logic to the question of whether your firm has "a formal written succession plan?" A yes answer now asks if it's internal and if it has been shared with clients.

succession 2.2

Additional eValuation Updates:

  • Drop down menus have been alphabetized
  • Fixed the Historical Growth Rate field so that a "0" no longer creates an error
  • Added "LLP" to the Firm Structure drop down menu


Database Updates

With this release, we have updated our database to allow a firm to be related to multiple Wealth Management enterprises. The first enterprise to provide a firm with a license to Truelytics will be flagged as their primary relationship. Other enterprises can now be attached to the firm as secondary relationships.


On-Demand Transactional Email 

A new "On-Demand" Transactional Email feature has been added to the Truelytics Administrative section that will allow our staff to create queries to identify certain types of users and forward them relevant customer service and care related communications.


Check out our previous releases:

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