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Using Personalized Content to Win New Financial Clients

Mike Langford
Jan 11, 2021

Attracting new clients to your financial advisory business takes effort. While many financial advisors proudly proclaim that they rely on referrals for all their new business, most advisors who are actively growing their practice are using modern marketing and sales techniques to bring on new clients. 

In the latest episode of The Modern Financial Advisor Podcast, Nate Isaacson of Grapevine6 (Now Seismic LiveSocial) joined me to share how financial advisors can improve their ability to win new clients by sharing personalized content on social networks such as LinkedIn. 

MFA Video Update - Episode 51 - Nate Isaacson


As I mentioned in the preview video above, you can watch the entire episode of the podcast on YouTube as well. The video is embedded below for your convenience. Make sure you subscribe to the Truelytics YouTube channel!

To listen to the episode simply click play on the audio stream at the top of this post or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. You can find us on
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