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Truelytics 2.4

Jeremi Karnell
Nov 22, 2018

We are pleased to announce our latest release, Truelytics 2.4. Folks, THIS ONE IS A DOOZY! Kevin Gulley, Truelytics' VP of Product Development, and our fantastic development team at Xogito really outdid themselves this time.  We have cleaned up over 30 bugs and have introduced new enterprise and firm features that are sure to impress.

Truelytics 2.4 Quick Guide

Super Admin - Enterprise Users

Progress Reporting - Enterprise Users

Firm Details - Enterprise Users

Firm History - Enterprise Users

Snapshots - Firm Users

Updated Account Navigation - Firm Users

Benchmark Mobile Optimization - Firm Users

Bug Fixes

Super Admin - Enterprise Users

Enterprise customers now have an opportunity to identify a small number of Enterprise Users to be Enterprise Super Admins. These new users will be empowered to accomplish several new management tasks, beyond the Stack Rank and Benchmarking views they will continue to be able to access.


If you were assigned as an Enterprise Super User, simply access this new functionality by clicking on the gear icon located in the left hand navigation.

HubSpot Video

Once you access the Enterprise Administration area, you will be presented with:

  • A list of all Enterprise Users
Enterprise Users
  • The ability to Edit, Delete, or Add these users. Note: You will not be allowed to impersonate Enterprise Admin users. 

 Enterprise Actions

Add Enterprise User


To Add an Enterprise User or Super User, simply click on the orange +Create User button in the bottom right of the screen. To edit or delete a User, click on the ADMIN menu under Actions and select the appropriate option. 

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A couple of things to note when adding or editing a user:

  • Roles: If you are setting up an Enterprise Super User, make sure to select that option under Roles. Enterprise Admin is selected by default.
Add Enterprise Super User
  • Status: When adding or editing an Enterprise User, you have the option to choose the role as active, inactive, or deleted. Active allows the user to function normally. Inactive pauses access, but does not delete the user account. Deleted removes the user.

Enterprise User Status


One of the exciting new enterprise features in this release is Categories. Categories are meant to segment firms.  For example, an enterprise may want to associate a firm as being part of a region, associated with a particular practice manager, or simply as a member of the top producers club. It can be anything that helps your enterprise identify, sort, and/or view custom groups.

This option is only available to Enterprise Super Users and is one of the top navigation tabs located in the Enterprise Admin view.

Creating Categories

HubSpot Video

 Assigning Categories to Firms and Searching 

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  • Once an Enterprise Super Admin is done creating tags, they or any Enterprise Admin may assign those tags to firms in the Stack Rank View. Just navigate back to the home dashboard and select DETAILS in the Admin drop menu under the Actions column on the far right.
Admin Details
  • To Search for a specific tag or tags, just click into the Filter by Categories box and either type the name of the Category or select from the drop menu.

Filter by Categories


Finally, Enterprise Super Admins are now able to add Firms to their Enterprise whenever they wish. This is available by selecting the gear icon in the left hand nav and choosing the Add Firm tab.

HubSpot Video

Progress Reporting - Enterprise Users

Progress in the Firm Stack Rank View, available to Enterprise Admins, now shows % complete for the latest full calendar year. Additionally, we now record a firm's annual Progress, TL Score, AUM, and Valuation in the new Firm Details view. This may be accessed by selecting DETAILS in the Admin drop menu under the Actions column.

HubSpot Video

Firm Details - Enterprise Users

Firm Details offers Enterprise Admins the ability to quickly see a Firm's Admin Email Address, Last Login, Last Update, and Firm Annual Progress and Results. Additionally, this is where Enterprise Admins may assign Categories to a specific firm to help establish segments and easily filter groups in the Stack Rank view. This may be accessed by selecting DETAILS in the Admin drop menu under the Actions column.

Firm Details

Firm History - Enterprise Users

Firm History provides Enterprise Admins a high-level audit trail for each firm under the enterprise license. Any time someone logs into a Firm's account, the following information is logged:

  • Date & Time: The date and time a user logged in
  • User: The user who logged in
  • Email: The email of the user who logged in
  • Impersonate?: A yes or no status related to if the user who logged in was impersonating a user to access and modify the account
  • Action: The specific action that was taken
  • Page: The page where a specific action took place
HubSpot Video

Snapshots - Firm Users

A Snapshot allows firm to "take a picture" of the specifics of their Annual Report at any point. This allows a Firm User to compare key performance indicators over time, including your Truelytics Scores, Grades, Firm Value, and Potential Upside. You will also be provided with a detailed report that includes all your inputs and report outputs so you can take a look back and see how your firm has evolved. 

HubSpot Video

To take a Snapshot, select it in the navigation located in the top right of your screen.

Snapshot Nav

Once the Snapshot page loads, a Firm User has two main options to choose from:


This is done by simply clicking on the orange button located in the top right of the screen.

Snapshot Button


Snapshot Dashboard

The Snapshot Dashboard (above) is an ongoing record of every time a Snapshot is taken. It includes the Date, Year, Truelytics Score, Business, Client, Market Stability Grades, Valuation, Upside Potential, and a link to the PDF report detailing all of your inputs and report outputs.

Example Snapshot Report (PDF)Snapshot Report Cover

Note: The Snapshot will be created for the Firm Annual Report you are currently working on and you cannot create a Snapshot for an incomplete Firm Annual Report.

Updated Account Navigation - Firm Users

Account Nav

Firm Users will see an updated sub-nav in the top right corner of their screen.

  • Snapshots (described above) has taken the place of Print Report

The Account drop menu offers: 

  • Settings: Access to the Firm's Account Management page
  • Support: Access to our brand new Customer Support page where support tickets may be submitted.
  • Print Report: Instantly print out your entire eValuation with a single click of a button

Benchmark Mobile Optimization - Firm Users

Firms that access Truelytics via their mobile devices will be happy to note that we have taken our first stab in making the Benchmark Reporting more readable and easier to use. We know that we still have some more work to do to make this experience world class. However, this is a step in the right direction.

mobile bi


Bug Fixes

Issue key Issue Type Summary
TM-871 Bug Firm Tags - Pop Up is not correctly displayed
TM-870 Bug [Mobile]: Unable to Access the rest of Benchmarking sections by clicking on tabs
TM-869 Bug [Mobile] Owners/Advisors: The Add Owner/Advisor pop up is not properly displayed
TM-868 Bug Reports - Growth Revenue Rate is not set to 0 if removing the revenue for all years except current year.
TM-866 Bug Account Management - Instant visual feedback upon changing Email Address
TM-864 Bug Next/Back Firm Details buttons misplaced
TM-863 Bug [Mobile] Benchmarking page displayed improperly
TM-862 Bug [Mobile] Owner/Advisor cards misplaced
TM-858 Bug [Mobile] Navigation toggle back hidden
TM-857 Bug [Mobile] Dashboard element layers over important nav elements
TM-852 Bug Owners/Advisors - An error appears when trying to Save without adding an Owner
TM-850 Bug Administration - Firms: The Firms are not correctly displayed in pages
TM-847 Bug Account Management: There are no password requirements
TM-846 Bug Account Management: Error appears when trying to change password without adding current password
TM-845 Bug Account Management: First Name and Last Name are not updated in the Header after changing them from Account Management
TM-841 Bug Add Firm - Firms are not correlated to an Enterprise when adding them from Administration
TM-830 Bug [Mobile]: Navigation Menu - When extended, the menu's width is bigger then the screen's width 
TM-829 Bug [Mobile] Dashboard - The Evaluation box is overlapping the header
TM-777 Bug Error when trying to impersonate as admin
TM-768 Bug Registering a firm without the Enterprise ID in the URL results in that firm not being assigned to any Enterprise
TM-752 Bug [SQL Migration] Firm Details- Owners/Advisors: Multiple issues when using Internet Explorer
TM-751 Bug [SQL Migration] Firm Details: Multiple issues
TM-746 Bug Navigation Menu: Icons are not the same size on Firefox browser
TM-704 Bug [SQL Migration] Response document from importing firms empty
TM-688 Bug Welcome Page: Carousel doesn't display completed steps (if they're not consecutive steps)
TM-685 Bug [SQL Migration]: Error appears when editing an Enterprise User (change status Inactive -> Active)
TM-679 Bug [SQL Migration] Error pops up when updating a plan for a firm that has no plan set
TM-604 Bug Script errors while navigating the app
TM-532 Bug Stack Rank (Dashboard): search field not functioning properly

Stay tuned for our Truelytics 2.5 announcement coming this January 2019.

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