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Truelytics 2.6

Kevin Gulley
Mar 6, 2019

The great new features keep rolling in with version 2.6.  Firm administrators can now add users to their team and delegate the task of filling in / updating the firm's eValuation details.    We've enhanced the user experience with updated navigation and realtime data validation and continue to improve the branding experience for enterprise customers.  Dig in to learn more.

Truelytics 2.6 Quick Guide 

Delegate!  Firm User Management - Firm Users

Report Enhancements - Firm Users

Field Level Data Validation - Firm Users

Enterprise Enhancements - Enterprise

Firm User Management (Delegate!)

Firm Users

You've asked, we listened.  We understand that you're busy and it can be hard to find the time to complete or update your eValuation.  No worries...firm users (now firm administrators) can now add additional team members to their firm and delegate the task of completing the firm's eValuation report to trusted employees.  


 Add and manage your firm's users by clicking on the "Account" dropdown in the upper right of your screen.  Choose settings and you'll notice the new "Team" tab in the upper navigation.

Truelytics account management

Click on "Create User" to add a new team member to your firm.


When adding a new team member, in addition to the usual details, like name, email address and password, you will be given the opportunity to choose a "Role" for your team member.

Account Management Roles

If you choose to make the team member a "Firm Administrator", they will have access to:

  • All eValuation data input screens
  • The Truelytics Report screens (upon the completion of an eValuation)
  • The Benchmarking section
  • Printable Reports
  • The ability to add and manage team users

If you choose the "Firm Team" role, the user will only have access to:

  • All eValuation data input screens

In other words, by choosing the "Firm Team" role, the new user will be restricted from seeing any of the reporting outputs that you (as a firm administrator) currently have access to. 

Report Enhancement

Firm Users


To make things even easier to find, we've created new a top-level "Reports" dropdown in the top navigation bar.  Click on it and you will gain access to the eValuation printable PDF report (as long as you've fully completed the report for the 'year' you are viewing...if not, what are you waiting for?) and the Snapshots report.

Truelytics Report Navigation

and speaking of Snapshots....


Now you can write quick notes about what you were doing when you took a snapshot of your eValuation, so when you go back to review your history, you can also review the context of your actions.  In the Snapshot list view, you will see a "Notes" icon on the far right.  Simply click on that and enter your notes so that you will know what you were doing when you come back later. 

Field Level Data Validation

Firm Users

There is nothing worse than inadvertently entering invalid data and then not having something work (in our case, having your eValuation show up as inaccurate).  That's why we went through the application and put in parameters on a field by field basis.  Now, if you try to enter 52 instead of 52,000,000 in the AUM field (for example), the application will notify you and let you know how to correct things.  Little things add up!


Enterprise Enhancements

Enterprise Users 


Until now, the ability for Enterprises to brand the Truelytics experience was limited to the front end of the web application, but no longer.  Now Enterprises can have their brand carry over to the printable reports.  All firm users affiliated with that enterprise will see the enterprise brand embedded in the eValuation and Snapshot reports.

Additionally, automated welcome and invitation emails now also can be white labeled for consistent enterprise branding.

Carson Email Example

Backend Improvements

All Users

Finally, we've made a bunch of enhancements on the back end of the system, including enhanced integration between our application and our CRM.  This is allowing us to streamline communications, enhance customer support and improve the overall user experience.  Additionally, we've squashed about 10 bugs.

Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement in a few weeks when we'll be announcing a big change in how users are initially welcomed to the application (HINT: every new firm user will get an estimated preEVAL of their firm's worth within about a minute!).

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