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Free Peer Benchmark Analyzer

Truelytics 2.9.1

Kevin Gulley
Nov 21, 2019

I'm very excited about this month's release. It is small, but it is mighty.  Just in the last few weeks, we've managed to:

  • Expand our recently launched Attribution solution to include a new 'Promotion' module, allowing Enterprises to promote their transition programs directly within Truelytics
  • Complete version 1.0 of our new 'Enterprise OSJ' product by launching OSJ benchmarking
  • Build TrueRecruit: Marketing (currently in Exclusive beta launch) which for the first time brings the Truelytics preEVAL™ functionality outside the Truelytics application so advisory firms can gain access to the most accurate, instant valuation available on the planet

There's a lot to unpack, so let's get to it

Truelytics 2.9 Quick Guide 

Attribution Promotion

Enterprise OSJ

TrueRecruit: Marketing

Attribution Promotion

Enterprise and Firm Users 

For the first time, Enterprises will have the ability to take advantage of real estate in the Truelytics application to promote their transition programs directly to their firm users.  Working with the product and marketing teams at Truelytics to customize and deploy messaging specifics, enterprises can ensure that firms learn key details about programs designed to help them take their business to the next level.  

Attribution Promotion

5 Customizable Widgets Provide Plenty of Space

With the main tab to access the Promotion module directly next to the firm's eValuation, the details of the program are sure to get plenty of attention.  With five customizable widgets, each enterprise will have plenty of space to bring firms up to speed on the details and benefits of their program.

Pop-up windows allow users to dig in:

Enterprises who would like to learn more about how our Attribution solution and our new Attribution Promotion feature can help you take your transition programs to the next level, contact sales@truelytics.com or call 800-834-7494 ext 1.


Enterprise OSJ - version 1.0

Enterprise Users

At Truelytics we've been delivering Enterprise solutions to leading OSJs since our inception.  All the while, our Broker Dealer customers have been asking us for a product that would allow them to invite the executives of their affiliated OSJs into their Enterprise in a way that would empower those executives to see all of the firms (and only the firms) in their OSJ while being immersed in the full Truelytics experience.  We're happy to announce that this is now available with version 1.0 of our Enterprise OSJ product.  OSJ executives can manage and view details of all the firms in their OSJ and now they can even access over sixty OSJ benchmark reports.  Here's how it works:

Create and Manage OSJ Categories

Initially, the Enterprise will need to create 'Categories' for each OSJ that they want to deploy this feature for.  For purposes of this explanation, we'll call the first OSJ, "Enterprise OSJ1".  Once that underlying category is created, all of the firms associated with Enterprise OSJ1 can be imported into Truelytics and assigned the category of Enterprise OSJ1, either during the import process or manually after.  

Next the Enterprise Super Admin can add the OSJ1 executive as a new Enterprise user (we'll call him Barry) and limit his scope so he can only see firms that are categorized with the Enterprise OSJ1 category. They do this by setting Barry's 'Default Category' to Enterprise OSJ1.



Once this is assigned, Barry will be able to log in as an Enterprise User and will have the Stack Rank view of firms restricted to only the firms in his OSJ.  


OSJ Benchmarking

Additionally, in this release we've connected this category restriction to our PowerBI-driven benchmarking functionality.  Now when Barry accesses the benchmarking feature, he will be able to dig into over sixty benchmark reports while only seeing details for firms that have been 'categorized' as Enterprise OSJ1.



Finally, the Enterprise OSJ solution allows Barry to create Truelytics eValuations for his own firm, as well as for his entire OSJ (Note: It's always a good idea to connect with Carla McCabe our VP - Head of Professional Services when leveraging Truelytics to value the individual businesses within an OSJ).  So not only will Barry have the full enterprise user experience, seeing, managing, and benchmarking all the firms in his OSJ, he will also be able to value and benchmark his own businesses.

For more information about how to enable Enterprise OSJ functionality and to discuss pricing, contact sales@truelytics.com or call 800-834-7494 ext 1.


TrueRecruit: Marketing

Enterprise Users

Currently being deployed in a private Enterprise beta launch, TrueRecruit: Marketing deploys the power of the Truelytics preEVAL™ functionality outside of the Truelytics application for the first time.  Designed to be embedded on a branded web page or landing page, TrueRecruit delivers one-of-a-kind insights to firms looking for a highly accurate estimate of their company's value and performance, while simultaneously delivering a unique value-added experience for Enterprises looking to fill the top of their recruiting funnel.

TrueRecruit Starts with preEVAL

By spending less than a minute answering seven questions, the Truelytics preEVAL feature allows firms to compare themselves against the thousands of firms in the Truelytics database that have completed full eValuations and identify exactly what firms like theirs are worth and how they perform on average in over fifteen different categories.

Once the preEVAL data is collected, we follow up by capturing user and firm data so that the preEVAL user can be provisioned inside Truelytics and added to the TrueRecruit enabled enterprise. From there, Truelytics enterprise users at the home office can keep track of the new firms entering via their landing page, view key firm details, and know when to follow up. 

We've also integrated the preEVAL results into follow up workflows and custom branded emails.  By tying all aspects of the process together in a simple to deploy plugin, TrueRecruit provides a cohesive solution that delivers real value for the advisor and for the home office.  To learn more about TrueRecruit, get in touch today.


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