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Introducing Truelytics 3.0

Kevin Gulley
Mar 16, 2020

We are so excited to be announcing the first major release of 2020 for Truelytics...and it's a biggie! Today we are officially launching version 3.0 of Truelytics and rolling out TrueContinuity, our Emergency Continuity solution for advisory firms. In doing so, we're realizing our vision of delivering a true, comprehensive Advisor Transition Management platform for financial advisory firms and the wealth management enterprises that support them.

There's a lot to cover, including some headliners, like these:

  • We've redesigned and updated our user interface and streamlined our user experience (UI/UX), delivering a cleaner, more scalable application.
  • We've launched v1.0 of TrueContinuity, an Emergency Continuity vault designed to allow advisors to securely store information vital to the continued operation of their business including key contacts, business agreements, technology details, and action plans.
  • TrueContinuity also allows advisors to invite continuity partners so they can unlock the vault in the case of a major disruptive event and access the critical business information they need to quickly step in to ensure that the firm, its clients, and their beneficiaries are taken care of.
  • We've integrated a Resource Center content library throughout the application, providing insights, tips, and best practices for Practice Management and Succession Planning.

We have a lot to unpack, so let's get to it.

Truelytics 3.0 Quick Guide 

Updated UI/UX

Introducing TrueContinuity

The New Resource Center

Updated UI/UX

Enterprise and Firm Users 

We are pumped about our new, upgraded user interface. You still have access to all the great functionality you're used to, but everything is going to be just a little bit easier. You'll experience the enhancements right out of the gate, starting with:

Primary Navigation Updates

The first thing you'll notice when jumping back into the system is that the left hand navigation has changed.

The navigation is now dedicated for each Truelytics module and contains secondary navigation. In the above instance, you can see all of the sub-navigation for TruePerformance, providing easy access to intake forms, report details, benchmarks (business intelligence), and our new resource center.  Clicking on the + next to a navigation item exposes additional links. 


Module Dropdown 

At the top of the left hand navigation you will notice a dropdown highlighting the module you are currently in. There you will find additional modules for you to choose from.

For example, if your Enterprise has our newest module, TrueContinuity, you can access it by choosing it from the list.

Not to be Outdone - New Top-Navigation

OK, maybe it's outdone a little bit, but the top-navigation got some love too.  We've streamlined the options, moved the "Reports" section to the left-hand navigation for TruePerformance, and tightened up the icons.  

In the Account dropdown, as an advisor if you access the account "Settings",  you will be directed to a new My Profile section where you can keep all your information in one location, update your email or password, and make sure key information necessary for multi-factor authentication (security which is required for the TrueContinuity vault) is up to date.

UI Consistency Across All User Types

A couple of other cool things about this upgrade. First, the new navigation approach is consistent for Enterprise Users as well as advisory Firm Users. This consistency will make the overall experience richer and more seamless for Enterprise users as well.

And finally, thanks to the efforts of our new VP: Head of Engineering, Eli Gassert, our entire UI has been formalized into style guides and reusable components. This is going to allow us to create more consistent UIs more quickly. And that's important because we're coming out with a lot of awesome new products. Starting with...

TrueContinuity - Emergency Continuity for Advisors (at just the right time)

So here's a quick overview, because we're going to follow this up with a more detailed post.

With TrueContinuity you can build and manage a secure business continuity vault designed to ensure your company will continue to thrive in the event of a major disruptive event.

What kinds of things can you add to your vault?

I'm glad you asked! You can easily add key personal contacts, business people, team members, and vendors so your emergency partners know who to connect with in the event the vault needs to be unlocked. 

You can also quickly centralize all your important business documents like buy/sell agreements, bonus plans, and non-competes. You can even control which of your emergency contacts can download them.

Additionally, you can add details about your technology stack and put together an action plan so your emergency partner knows what to do on day one.

Finally, add and invite your emergency contacts and beneficiaries in the Emergency Contacts section so they can join Truelytics and be ready to step in should the need arise. More to come on this very soon, but before that we can't forget about....

The New Resource Center Available Throughout the App

As you may know, at Truelytics we've been cranking out content about practice management and succession planning best practices since the day we started. We've taken that library of content and embedded it right into the application so you will have access to it at point-of-use, when you need it.

These libraries are available in the left hand navigation for all users and in all modules.     

The libraries are broken down into:


That's it for now, but keep your eyes open for upcoming posts about TrueContinuity and future announcements (like TrueRecruit launching in April).

New Help Center Articles

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