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Introducing TrueRecruit - A Modern Recruiting Solution for Financial Advisory Firms

Eli Gassert
Jun 24, 2020

While the world around each of us slows down in unexpected ways and we all get used to a new cadence of work, Truelytics has been busier than ever. We're pleased to announce that we're launching TrueRecruit, our second new product of 2020 and the third  leg on the stool of our Advisor Transition Management platform, joining TruePerformance and TrueContinuity.  

With TrueRecruit, the business development teams at wealth management enterprises like Broker Dealers, OSJs and RIAs can identify prospects, standardize the information collection process, and leverage data to inform offers. Your organization can now manage  your recruiting prospects, your business development team, and your opportunity pipeline in one secure, easy-to-use cloud-based application.

Your team of Supervisors and Recruiters can share insights, progress, and data as they interact with each Recruit and work to bring them into the fold. With consistent data intake capabilities and automated workflows, your business now has all the tools it needs to stop the Excel madness.

With TrueRecruit You Can:

  • Set up and manage your business development team of Supervisors and Recruiters
  • Add and manage Recruit prospects 
  • Capture centralized, consistent data about Recruits so the team can collaborate easily and develop informed offers quickly
  • Manage your business development pipeline
  • Customize and configure the process to meet your unique needs, such as:
    • Custom data fields. Need to ask for mother's maiden name, or possibly something a little more useful about their AUM? Go for it!
    • Custom calculations. Does your firm have its own special sauce calculations to about the quality of a lead? Add it in!
    • Custom layout and workflow. From Created to In Progress to Under Review to On Hold to Negotiating to Closed-Won to Onboarded. You define the workflow and connections to make the recruitment process your own.
  • Manage multiple Recruitment programs for your enterprise. Do you have different recruitment pipelines for different departments or different types of recruits, all with different rules and a different recruitment team? No problem! Set up as many recruitment programs as you need.

There's a lot to take a look at, so let's jump in.

TrueRecruit Quick Guide
Managing Your Biz Dev Team
Adding and Managing Recruits
Managing a Recruit's Data Intake Process
Managing the Recruiting Pipeline
Advanced: Customizations

Managing Your Business Development Team

At Truelytics, we understand that your Recruiting efforts start with your team, so we make it easy to set up and manage your biz dev team in TrueRecruit.   

To get started, your administrator can add some Recruitment "Supervisors" to your organization. Recruitment Supervisors are the highest ranking TrueRecruit users and can have multiple Recruiters and Recruits associated with their account. 

From here, it's simple to add Recruiters to the organization and connect them to a Supervisor.   Supervisors and Admins can manage Recruiter details, including:

  • Access a list of the Recruits assigned to the Recruiter
  • Change the Status of the Recruiter from Active to Inactive
  • Reassign the Recruiter to a different Supervisor
  • Edit the Recruiter’s account details
  • Delete the Recruiter from the Enterprise

Once the team is set up, it's time to start adding Recruits to the system.  Lot's of 'em!

Adding and Managing Recruits

Creating new Recruits is easy in TrueRecruit. Simply click the “Create Recruit” button on the Recruitment Supervisor or the Recruiters page or on the “Recruits” list page, accessible in the “Recruits” menu in the left-hand navigation.

If a Recruiter creates the Recruit, they are automatically assigned to the prospect.  If marketing or a Supervisor creates the Recruit, the Supervisor will have the option to choose which Recruiter to assign to the prospect.

As Recruits get added to your recruitment program and get managed by recruits, they can be viewed in one of two ways.

List View

Workflow View

Managing a Recruit's Data Intake Process

Gathering consistent information about prospective Recruits in a centralized, standardized, cloud-based platform is one of the key benefits of TrueRecruit.   Upon entering the Data Intake view, Recruiters and Supervisors will be provided with read/write access to detailed information about the Recruit in six different categories.

It should be noted that there are no mandatory fields and the TrueRecruit platform provides the team with flexibility to enter a wide range of insights depending on your requirements.

Managing the Recruiting Pipeline 

TrueRecruit enables Recruiters and Supervisors to manage and update the Recruiting pipeline by updating the “Stage” of the process each Recruit is currently in. This allows the business development team to centrally keep track of the enterprise-wide recruitment effort in one shared location.

To change Stages, navigate to a Recruit’s Data Intake > Status page. On this page you will be presented with the Recruit’s “Current Stage” which can be updated by choosing a new Stage from the pipeline. Notes can be added in conjunction with the changing of the Recruit’s stage or separately.

Tracking Recruit History

The Status page also provides insight into all Activities associated with a Recruit’s record. The system automatically tracks all activities associated with the Recruit's record and records which user took those actions, and when and what activities they performed.

You can also use the tabs in the top of the Recruit History section to filter your search. You can filter by Stage to see only Stage Transition details (like who updated the stage, how long the Recruit was in that stage, and any notes associated with the Transition) or by Notes to see all Notes entered related to the recruit, whether independently or as part of a Stage Transition.

Advanced: Customizations

Everything we just showed you is what comes packed into TrueRecruit out of the box. We hope that gets you 95% of the way there. But we know that no two recruitment programs are alike, so we made sure to build TrueRecruit to be tailed to your exact needs. Let's look at the different customizations we offer.

Custom Intake Questions

You can add custom intake questions and custom intake calculations to any of our standard intake tabs, and add them at any point of our intake process. Below we show the addition and custom layout of two new fields: Initial Meeting Date and a calculated field called Firm Greeting.

Custom Intake Sections

If our standard intake sections don't work for you, feel free to add your own! Shown below are two new custom tabs: Special Sauce, for all those questions that make your firm unique and give you the recruitment edge over competition; and Recruit Report, for showing all your calculated fields and reports that help you make better decisions about each recruit.

Custom Layouts and Workflow

Once inside the Recruit Intake process, it's easy all your customizations on a per-recruit basis. But what about using those customizations at a higher level? We've got you covered there, too! Shown below, we added an Initial Meeting column to the Recruit List page that uses the Time Ago column template to show the age of the initial meeting.

Keep your eyes open for future TrueRecruit enhancements coming soon.  

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